SnuggleTike Solved My Baby’s Sleep Issues

“Am I a bad mum?” Is there something wrong with my baby?” These questions hounded me as we spent 2 miserable months dealing with our colicky baby.

how to solve baby sleep problem

The situation clearly put a strain in our lives as we were living in Japan by ourselves. My husband worked long hours in a full-time job and so I was the main caregiver for baby N. It was overwhelming as a great deal of time was spent trying to get her to sleep. What made it worse was that she would wake up 15 minutes later, leaving me with little time to complete household chores, much less rest. 

Eventually, on the insistence of my friend, I decided to seek the help of a Japanese paediatrician, Mariko-sensei. That turned out to the one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Seeing the 2 sleep-deprived parents in front of her, Mariko-sensei asked about baby N’s sleep patterns. When I shared about baby N’s issue with colic, the sympathetic look on her face was evident. “How about giving her a haramaki (tummy wrap)? It can keep her tummy warm,” she suggested kindly. I smiled politely and thanked her for her advice.

That evening, as the wailing began, my head went blank. Rocking, pacifier, lullabies, mood lighting checked! Nothing was working as usual. “Keep her tummy warm,” Mariko-sensei’s words echoed in my head. Looking around desperately, I grabbed my microwavable eye mask and heated it up gently. 

Carefully, I propped the lukewarm bag into her little arms. As if someone had pressed the mute button, the crying stopped abruptly. I stared in amazement as baby N calmed down. She cuddled what was to become our first iteration of SnuggleTike and fell asleep shortly after. Amazed but not quite believing it, we tried it again the following night. And the night after that. Baby N fell in love with her SnuggleTike. And so did we!

What is this magic? I decided to find out more… 

The healing properties of warmth is no secret. Since ancient times, the Japanese have been using heat as a natural way to relax the body and to ease away any pain. Just think of their love for hot baths and hot springs. Most Japanese have a hot bath at home, and it is their way of unwinding after a long day at work.

But warmth is more than just for relaxation. The Japanese also believe that a warm tummy can help to ward off colds and tummy wind. Some Japanese parents even wrap a haramaki around their babies’ waist to keep their tummies warm. 

The truth is, the Japanese are not the only ones who think that babies would benefit from a warm tummy. We consulted friends from all around the world and discovered that the Chinese, Koreans, German, Dutch, Turkish and many other cultures all have the same belief: that a warm tummy makes for a happy baby.

How SnuggleTike can soothe your baby

SnuggleTike is a weighted and warmable plush that was borne out of pure necessity. From the initial iteration that fateful night, we have continually refined it, until we are finally convinced that we have achieved the perfect design: A warmable plush that can soothe the fussiest baby. 

#1: SnuggleTike can provide a sense of security

To your baby, nothing is more reassuring than your presence. The smell of your body. The feel of your skin. But most importantly, the warmth of your arms. These sensations let your baby know that you are near and that he is within reach. By simulating your warmth, SnuggleTike can help your baby feel safe and secure.  

#2: SnuggleTike can relax tensed muscles and relieves stress

Crying is an extremely stressful activity for babies. When your baby cries, all the muscles in his little body are tensed up. Warmth can improve blood circulation and release this tension. Similar to how we all sleep better after a warm bath, SnuggleTike can help your baby to relax and lull him to sleep by soothing these tight muscles,. 

#3: SnuggleTike can relieve pain

In situations where our babies are experiencing tummy pain, the warmth from a compress stimulates sensory receptors to block out these pain signals. This results in an instant and effective relief of pain. As such, SnuggleTike can help to relieve the cramps that your baby is experiencing, thus helping him to fall asleep. 

#4: SnuggleTike can help in the transition to bed

Like most parents, we dread the moment where we have to transfer baby N to her cot. It is absolutely exasperating to have baby N wake up during the transfer, after spending a long time getting her to fall asleep in our arms. Lucky for us, we found that warming up her bed with SnuggleTike makes it warm and cozy so we no longer have any issues laying her down on her cot.


Why SnuggleTike is the sleep solution you are looking for

SnuggleTike is borne out of our passion to help other sleep-deprived parents out there. Nothing can explain the relief we felt having solved baby N’s sleep issue without the need for medication. We are forever grateful to Mariko-sensei for letting us in on this secret, and we hope that this product could help your baby too. 

#1: Safe and Reliable

Each SnuggleTike plush comes with a removable heat pack for fire safety and hygiene during warming. The heat pack is durably-constructed to withstand reheating up to thousands of times. Placed within the plush, the heat pack is engineered to release heat evenly and gradually over an extended period of time. 

As parents ourselves, we have designed SnuggleTike plush without any buttons nor beads for peace of mind. The zipper tab is cleverly-designed to double up as a tail while acting as a safety mechanism against burns. 

#2: Quality and Workmanship

Each SnuggleTike plush is lovingly hand-crafted with the softest materials to protect your baby’s delicate skin. Seams are double-stitched for improved durability. We have positioned the zipper for quick access during warming even at night.

#3: Other Unique Features 

Each SnuggleTike plush is carefully weighted to simulate the feel of a mother’s hand. This provides an added sense of security for your baby. We have designed our plush to be scent-free, so that you have the flexibility to adopt a favourite scent. The heat pack can also be safely used as a gentle cold compress to soothe bruises and cool fevers.

Click here and order your SnuggleTike plush now. Your baby will love you for it.

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P.P.S. Have questions before you buy? I’ve tried to address as many as I can with our FAQs sections here. If you have other questions, do let us know at

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